The Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour 2009

Get Tickets to the Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour in advance for $10, now.

Put it on your calendar: The second annual Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour 2009 is Saturday, October 24, 2009. Get set to round up your pals for a fab day of kitchen touring during peak Up North color season. These 25 kitchens, located from Manistee to Traverse City to Petoskey, represent the latest in national trends along with a host of uniquely Up North twists perfect for your home or cottage. See our Northern Home & Cottage Kitchen Tour Guide for a preview of the kitchens to help you plan your tour. Here’s a quick peek at what your $10 ticket gets you in to see.

Highlights of the 2009 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour

Renovation Magic

Walls disappear to make way for lake views, old energy-guzzling appliances are replaced with shiny, new Energy Star models, new islands materialize calling family and guests to gather, and in one case, the former master bedroom becomes the new kitchen. Many of the kitchens on this year’s tour are remodels, reflecting a national trend to reuse, recycle and economize. See how National Kitchen and Bath Association designers magically transform ugly duckling kitchens into sleek cooking machines.

The Not so Big Kitchen

Wasted space is so two years ago. On this year’s tour you’ll see an efficient laundry area tucked under steps off the kitchen, a refrigerator secreted away in a pantry, islands that house everything from wine bars to refrigerator drawers (and more) and ceiling-height cabinetry that makes use of every inch of available wall space.

Mixing It Up

Don’t like your style pigeon-holed? Neither do many of the homeowners on our 2009 tour. With the help of National Kitchen and Bath Association designers these homeowners paired streamlined modern cabinets with fine antiques pieces; light glazed cabinets with dark glazed; maple cabinets next to cherry cabinets. And it all works just beautifully.

Painted Cabinets

Whether they are used to give a kitchen a bolt of sophisticated color or to play up a kitchen’s cottagey-ambiance, painted cabinets are a national trend that is reflected on our tour in black, red, cream and white painted cabinets.

Great Legs!

Old-world charm is one reason for the national trend to give cabinets furniture-style legs—and you’ll see that on our tour. But you’ll also see a set of head-turner modern stainless legs on a cabinet.

Not Just Pretty Pantries

We’ve got a pantry that hides a refrigerator, a pantry that looks and feels like a cottage in Tuscany and a pantry that doubles as a bakery.

Sex in the Kitchen

Want to seduce you husband in(to) the kitchen? Promise him his very own island/cooking space like the one you’ll see on our tour. Want to really heat it up in the kitchen? Give him his own sous kitchen. Yep, you’ll see that, too.

Luxurious Details

These kitchens may not be big on square footage but they more than make up for it in luxury. Keep an eye out for chandeliers in unexpected places, bars in the kitchen (why drag your guests all the way to the den?), granite countertops that look like museum pieces and lighting that makes a week-night supper feel like a candlelit dinner.

Appliance Lust

Dreaming of a convection oven? We’ve got em’ on this tour. Want to see one of those new induction cooktops? Got one. Pining for two dishwashers in your kitchen? A wine refrigerator? Warming drawer? Commercial grade range? The latest in Sub-Zero refrigeration? Our 2009 tour fulfills your every appliance fantasy—vicariously, of course.

Get Tickets to the Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour in advance for $10, now.

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Make plans for your fall getaway now and enjoy the colorful fall scenery as your tour the countryside, taking in inspiration from Northern Michigan and renovation tips from professional kitchen designers. Enjoy the wineries, hit a couple of antique stores and dine anywhere along the way from Manistee to Traverse City to Petoskey. And while you’re planning your fall weekend Up North, take a video vacation right now–Enjoy our Northern Michigan travel video section. offers free e-newsletters including Getting Up North, which focuses on travel discounts, deals and tips, whether your traveling from far away or just across Grand Traverse County. Subscribe today–it’s free.

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