Video: Paul Gordon, David Hartstein and The Happy Poet at the Traverse City Film Festival

The Happy Poet, a film about an unemployed poet who opens a health food stand, got a standing ovation at the 2010 Traverse City Film Festival. Writer/director/lead actor Paul Gordon and David Hartstein, producer, of The Happy Poet talk about the crowd reaction in Traverse City, the philosophy at the core of the movie, Austin, Texas filmmaking and the International premiere.

The Happy Poet tells the story of an unemployed post-grad poet dreaming of opening an all-organic food stand, despite having terrible credit and little business know-how. He manages to secure a minuscule loan from an amused banker—just enough to buy a hot dog cart and convert it into a health food stand that attracts two loyal customers in slacker-philosopher Curtis and the poetry-loving Agnes. This intelligent comedy about eco-consciousness and the entrepreneurial spirit is a dryly funny, very indie movie in the vein of “Slacker.”