Video: Moomers Homemade Ice Cream, A Family-Owned Dairy Making It Work

Watch as the story of Moomers Homemade Ice Cream, a Northern Michigan family-owned dairy, unfolds, including ice cream being made and gorgeous vistas of the dairy farm that supplies the milk for Moomers ice cream.

Moomers started out as a small ice cream shop designed to service the Long Lake area just outside Traverse City, and that shop is full year round with people from all over the world and sports teams from around the corner. But today, Moomers also has 80 wholesale outlets for their 15% premium ice cream and was named the winner of Good Morning America’s “Best Scoops” contest, beating out ice cream makers from around the county.

Nancy Plummer and her husband, Bob, had been dairy farmers for almost a decade when Nancy decided to quit her full-time teaching job and open Moomers Homemade Ice Cream. Today, she and Bob work with two of their four children, on their 80-acre farm and at Moomers Homemade Ice Cream. Son Jon Plummer talks about the farming operation as well as the ice cream business, also introducing the milk business that the Plummers got into about six months ago.

Favorite Moomers flavors would be hard to pin down but certainly on the list would be Cherries Moobilee, black cherry ice cream with Michigan black sweet cherries, red tart cherries, chocolate fudge swirl and chunks of homemade brownies. But the Plummers are quick to point out that if you can dream up a flavor, they can make it, including asparagus ice cream and bacon ice cream. They have had one flop. Watch the video and find out which one it was!

Stop in for a cone and say hi to Bessie out back at Moomers Homemade Ice Cream, 7263 N. Long Lake Rd. Traverse City, 231-941-4122. Visit and learn about their cakes, including wedding cakes, field trips and more.

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