Great Places to Buy Your Holiday Meats in Northern Michigan

Tannery Creek Meat Market, 1210 North U.S. 31, Petoskey, 231-439-3663

The sweet vernal smell of the smokehouse hangs above glistening cases where light reflects on a red spectrum of thick-cut steaks, chops and roasts at Tannery Creek Meat Market in Petoskey. Welcome to the carnivore’s nirvana. Now in his fifth year of business, butcher and proprietor Dee Schultz has created a meat Mecca on the north side of Petoskey where he and his staff slice, trim, tie and stuff the finest choice and prime cuts to satisfy every appetite and culinary whim. Whole legs of lamb are butterflied, crown roasts are expertly Frenched, and tenderloins are symmetrically trimmed by Schultz and his symphony of blades working the Northern Michigan cutting boards. Petoskey’s Tannery Creek produces more than 400 proprietary sausages, deli cuts and smoked meats on site and offers instruction and accoutrements for braising, roasting or grilling everything in the case. Read on to explore more great sources for your holiday roast beast.

Deering’s 10233 West Front Street, Empire 231-326-5249Family run for over a century, the jerky barons of Norther Michigan offer delectable chops and roasts in addition to their smoked meats (cult following noted) in their Leelanau County store. The original Empire location is a welcome time warp, serving quality meat and warm service.

Pleva’s Meats 8974 South Kasson Street, Cedar, 231-228-5000The sanctity of sausage is fully embraced at this delicious Leelanau County landmark. Pleva’s integrates local Leelanau cherries into many of their sausages and grinds, including the signature Plevalean, whose subtle sweetness makes a great stuffing component. Consider the Belgian and Christmas sausages when building your holiday choucroute.

Maxbauer’s 407 South Union, Traverse City 231-947-7698Sparkling and service-driven, Maxbauer’s on Traverse City’s Union Street offers beautifully marbled cuts of Sterling Silver beef, derived from the top twelve percent of USDA Choice. The staff will happily cut and trim to order and supply stuffings, marinades and cooking instructions. Great prime rib.

Sonny’s Market 3619 M-66 North, Charlevoix 231-547-2444

The young husband and wife team at Sonny’s offer sublimely thick-cut Certified Black Angus steaks that are sought after in Charlevoix County by cold-hardy, four-season grill fiends.

Burritt’s Fresh Markets 509 West Front Street, Traverse City 231-946-3300

One-stop shop for the ingredients for a gourmet dinner that will leave guests in awe. The only trouble with Burritt’s is deciding which perfect cut to buy.