Confirm Complimentary Tickets for Finalists

Congratulations on being a winner–first, second or third–in the Red Hot Best of Northern Michigan!

We’re delighted to invite you to the Red Hot Best of Northern Michigan Bash. Please fill out the form below to reserve a ticket to the Bash for one person. All guests must be 21 years old on May 16, 2011. (Since some of our winners are under 21, we’re reviewing a process to include them with a parent.) Please make your reservations by April 18th.

Imagine the best of everything in Northern Michigan gathered under one roof! The best food, the best drinks and the best entertainment. The third floor of Turtle Creek covered with food, festivity and fun. And all the money goes to local charities! It will be a red hot kickoff to the best summer ever! And your company is part of it!

Red Hot Best of Northern Michigan Bash
Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel
Tuesday, May 17th, 6 pm to 9 pm

At the party, you’ll learn whether you’ve won. Plus, all our finalists will be covered in the article that reveals the winners to our readers in our June issue of Traverse Magazine.

Finalist Official Confirmation Form for Complimentary Tickets

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