Northern Michigan Events: 3 Day Wellness Program at Crystal Mountain

Northern Michigan Events: Let the healing begin and your creativity flow freely at the three day Destination: Plein Air wellness program held from September 26 through September 28, 2012 at Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa in Thompsonville, Northern Michigan.

Destination: Plein Air is a three-day wellness program combining plein air painting with leading artists, fitness classes, a cooking class including dinner, a guided hike through the Michigan Legacy Art Park, and access to the Spa at Crystal Mountain Resort. Participants will also enjoy an opening night cocktail reception and a tea on the final day to display their artwork created during the workshops. The program begins on

On September 26, join instructor Neil Walling with the workshop “Capturing the Emotion of a Scene”. Neil states, "My goal with each painting is to try to capture the character of the scene that most grabs my attention. Many times I am surprised and find myself painting an aspect of the scene that wasn't what I expected. The goal of this class is to help others see and be able to paint the 'emotion of the scene'. I'll take everyone through the whole process by demonstrating a painting from beginning to completion. Following the demo everyone will have an opportunity to work on their own painting, while I give each painter personalized help."

September 27 features “Focus of Composition” with William Johnson. William states, "The basic strength of any painting, drawing or photograph comes much from it's composition. It's often referred to as the Framework of a painting. This workshop explores, through a series of exercises, the framing of strong and memorable visual images. It will relate to the distribution of lights and darks, the separation of foreground from background, the clarity of a focus point, the unity of the whole and the power of simplicity. In plein air painting, these basic decisions must flow quickly since the conditions are changing. Once well framed, color, detailed form and textures can readily fall in place. The intent is to sketch quickly, be productive, capture the spirit of the place and enjoy the moment!”

The workshops conclude on September 28 with Joan Richmond and her workshop, “Examining the Landscape: Color, Form and Composition”. This session will concentrate on analyzing the elements you see in the landscape. Guests will investigate the major forms that establish the composition, and how value ranges play a part, by creating preliminary sketches. Mixing and focusing on colors particular to landscape painting will also be covered. Bring a sketchbook with your painting supplies. All levels of experience are welcome.

The rate for the three-day program is $275. Single workshops are $58 each and also includes lunch and same day Crystal Spa access. The lodging rate is from $139 per adult, per night. Call Crystal Mountain Reservations at 800-968-7686 for further details.

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