Northern Home & Cottage Home Tour: Builder’s Form

Builder's Registration, Designer Info, and Basic Details

  • Thank you so much for placing a home on our 2014 Northern Home & Cottage Tour. Please help us gather as much information as possible about the home by answering the following questions. Just write "N/A" for all fields that are not applicable to the home.
  • Builder and Home Basic Information

  • Designer Basic Information

  • Please fill in the appropriate information if it applies to the submitted home. We will use this information to contact the appropriate parties with questions regarding their participation in constructing the home. We're interested in learning as much as possible about these homes, so the more sources of information, the better.
  • Property Basics

  • Please provide information about the property. This will give us a general sense of the home and how it might fit within the tour.

Construction Details

    Exterior Details

  • Please provide information regarding the exterior of the house. If a service was provided by the builder, please list "builder." For example, if the builder roofed the house, write "builder" in the field where a roofing provider is asked for.
  • Interior and Structural Elements

  • If applicable, please provide information regarding the interior of the home and the systems within it. Again, write "builder" if the builder installed any of the items listed.