Traverse City Film Festival: 5 Great Places for a Post-Film Discussion

Getting your car after seeing a film at the Traverse City Film Festival and heading back to your bed is simply not an option—these films are meant to be discussed, and that means, you’ll need a great place to have a bite to eat, grab a drink, and talk after a screening. We’ve come up with the perfect film/post-film combinations so your Traverse City Film Festival experience is both entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

1) Film: 112 Weddings — Friday 12 pm City Opera House and Sunday 9 pm Bijou By the Bay | 2014 | USA | NR | 95 min.

  • Doug Block, a documentary filmmaker and wedding videographer, amassed tons of footage of weddings and now he’s checking in with some of those couples to see which marriages are and aren’t working out—and why.

    Post-Film: Mission Table

  • With wedding parties commonly lining the long tables at this Old Mission Peninsula restaurant, you and your significant other can predict the newlyweds’ futures based on what you’ve learned from 112 Weddings. And the restaurant’s warm interior makes for a perfectly romantic dinner.

2) Film: The Bachelor Weekend — Friday 9:15 pm Lars Hockstad Auditorium | 2013 | Ireland | NR | 94 min.

  • Pegged as a more intellectual version of “The Hangover,” this raucous Irish comedy is hilarious, ridiculous, and touching.

    Post-Film: Kilkenny’s Irish Pub

  • Okay, so admittedly this isn’t the best place to have an in-depth conversation (it can be pretty loud and dark), but, as this movie is sure to put you in a partying mood, this is a great place to go and cut a rug after Friday evening’s showing.

3) Film: Bending the Light — Sunday 12 pm Old Town Playhouse | 2014 | USA, Japan | NR | 60 min.

  • This documentary explores the relationship between the camera lens and the people who look through them. Featuring never before seen footage from inside a Japanese lens factory, this film takes a closer look at the people who have dedicated their lives to lens creation.

    Post-Film: Red Ginger

  • Located right downtown, this restaurant’s menu is inspired by China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. Stop in for a martini and a few small plates, and enjoy the restaurants distinctly Asian-inspired food and upbeat atmosphere.

4) Film: Lonesome with the Alloy Orchestra – Sunday 3 pm. State Theatre | 1929 | USA | NR | 69 min.

  • Released in 1928, this silent movie portrays two people searching for a connection in the big city over the course of one magically marvelous day. This film encapsulates the 1920s and all of the nostalgia that the decade instills.

    Post-Film: The Parlor

  • This speakeasy-style bar features handcrafted cocktails and an intimate atmosphere. This place will keep you rooted in the 1920s, and it’s relaxed vibe complements conversation. Have a few cocktails, enjoy some witty banter, and you’ll feel like you never left the picturesque world of Lonesome.

5) Film: Dinosaur 13 – Thursday 12 pm. State Theatre and Saturday 3 pm. Lars Hockstad Auditorium | 2014 | USA | PG | 95 min.

  • This documentary digs deep into the controversy surrounding the discovery of a T. Rex fossil by a group of amateur archeologists.

    Post-Film: A Lake Michigan Beach

  • After seeing this documentary, scour a Northern Michigan beach for your own gems: Petoskey Stones, Leland Blue, and other keepsakes wash onto shore every day. Note: dinosaur skeletons will probably not be found. Sorry…

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