Traverse City National Writers Series: Cancer, Love & Triumph

Last summer, the Traverse City National Writers Series (NWS) launched an “In Studio” event series featuring free and low-cost book events with Katey Schultz, author of the award-winning Flashes of War. The event featured a free mini workshop on flash fiction and a reading by Schultz.

The “In Studio” series continues this summer with a free event on August 14 at 7 PM with Greg Holmes and Katherine Roth, authors of The Good Fight: A Story of Cancer, Love, and Triumph.  The husband and wife team will discuss their book in conversation with NWS co-founder, award-winning journalist, editor, and ghostwriter Anne Stanton.

On April 1st, 2004 Greg Holmes, Ph.D., was diagnosed with sinonasal undifferentiated cancer, an extremely rare and deadly cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, his wife Katherine Roth, M.D., was fighting to survive as a family physician in a medical profession that ostracized her for her beliefs in alternative medicine. Holmes was able to survive in large part due to the interventions of his wife. Greg and Katherine have written a detailed account of his cancer treatment in their book.

Told from alternating perspectives, The Good Fight: A Story of Cancer, Love, and Triumph. is a memoir of how Greg and Katherine faced a devastating diagnosis, underwent a grueling course of traditional therapy, and scrambled to find alternative treatments for his cancer. More than a personal story of survival, The Good Fight provides insights on how to treat cancer with nutrition and complementary therapies. At its heart, The Good Fight is a memoir about the power of love.

Holmes is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Traverse City. He has taught medical students and resident physicians in family medicine for over twenty years. He is a popular speaker to the general public as well as the medical community.

Katherine Roth, M.D. is a board-certified family physician with 30 years of clinical experience. Prior to private practice, she worked as the associate director of a family medicine residency program in Lansing, Michigan. She is currently in private practice and a much sought after expert in the field of integrative medicine.

Katherine and Greg have collaborated for over twenty years educating physicians and caring for patients. During this time they have led support groups for patients with heart disease and cancer.

Refreshments will be served at the event including appetizers provided by Oryana, Bistro Fou Fou, and the Cook’s House.

The event will be held at the Front Street Writers studio and National Writers Series offices located at 123 W. Front Street in downtown Traverse City.