Beautiful, Resilient and Durable—the Benefits of Metal Roofing for Northern Michigan

Northern Home & Cottage spoke with American Metal Roof to discover what’s new in metal roof design. “We work with architects and designers to match a metal roof to the design of the home and the neighborhood,” says Frank Farmer, president of American Metal Roofs, “You could drive by a metal roof every day and not realize it’s a metal roof!”

In addition to more than a half dozen styles of shingles and seams, metal roofs come in many finishes and colors. “In the Traverse City area many homeowners choose the Oxford Shingle. It’s a classic, simple architectural shingle with a low profile,” he explains. “For a more rustic look we are installing the Country Manor Shake which looks like real wood shakes. It looks great on hunting lodges, summer homes and log homes.” American Metal Roof even has shingle style that mimics Spanish terra-cotta tiles.

Homeowners struggling with problems related to snow on the roof will find practical metal roofing options. In Northern Michigan Farmer recommends installing Snow Country Roofs. Designed for heavy snow loads, a Snow Country Roof has interlocking valleys and gables that help prevent damage caused by sliding snow. At 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit snow melts off metal roofs, reducing the concern for ice dams. Upcoming options will include heated shingles that automatically warm up areas where snow gathers.

Longevity is perhaps the strongest argument in favor of metal roofs. “Folks want to put the last roof on their house,” says Farmer. “And they know from friends and family that our metal roofing lasts.” Many customers find American Metal Roofs after installing a traditional guaranteed roof expecting it to last 40 to 50 years. Ten years later they find that the 50 year guarantee means that they’ll get a patch whenever it fails.

Farmer urges consumers to look for a roofing company with experience specific to metal roofing. Installation of a metal roof takes three times as long as an asphalt roof. American Metal Roof teams employ specialists who have trained for 7 to 10 years with experts before managing jobs on their own. Skills such as installation of flashing on a fieldstone chimney are honed on a test roof at the American Roof Facility while supervisors watch, review and coach. Furthermore, the company has a solid history of supporting customers after the sale.