Top 15 Things Possibly Overheard at the Fresh Coast Film Festival

This past weekend I drove through an explosion of fall colors, across the rough Straits of Mackinac and through the Upper Peninsula until I landed in the vibrant and historic northern outpost of Marquette for the third-annual Fresh Coast Film Festival, an all-volunteer event for adventure cinema and celebrating the outdoor lifestyle, water-culture and resilient spirit of the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest.

Founded by Aaron Peterson and Bugsy Sailor in 2016, it’s an event where art and nature co-mingle passionately and connect audiences to landscapes around the world.

These comments will give you a better idea of how seriously awesome this Northern Michigan film festival really is …

  1. “Is the director here?” “Yeah, he’s the guy with the beard and the buffalo-plaid shirt.” “Which one?”
  2. “We’re about to get started, just a couple quick housekeeping items, please don’t step on any of the cords …”
  3. “Is that your beer?”
  4. “It was so nice out today, water temp was 48, waves were 10–15 feet, wind was howling.”
  5. “We’ll take another question–you in the back?” “Hi, what was the worst polar bear incident you had while shooting?”
  6. “Is that my beer?”
  7. “It’s like GoPro, Yetti Coolers and Goal Zero had a love-child.”
  8. “Can you tell me where Black Rocks Brewery is?” “3 blocks that way, but don’t rush—they’re running a little behind.” “How long over?” “It’s between five and forty-five minutes. You’ve got time.”
  9. “Loved the doc, can I get an autograph?” “Sure, does anyone have a pocket knife?”
  10. “You here for the fest?” “Yep.” “Where’d you come from?” “A remote island in Lake Superior.”
  11. “What’d you do?” “I’m a media consultant. You?” “I’m a National Geographic Explorer.”
  12. “Take it from this 70-year-old riding fat tires and volunteering to get more kids on bikes, you won’t regret it.”
  13. “What’d you shoot on?” “4 continents, 6 countries and one transatlantic tanker ship.”
  14. “Please pass the gravy.”
  15. “I’m a new volunteer, I’m not sure. Lemme go ask the guy in the bear costume.”