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Medical Technologist

Traverse City, MI


Posted on June 6, 2019

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About Medical Technologist


A Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology or related degree.

Registered Medical Technologist / Medical Laboratory Scientist with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists or NCA registered or registry eligible with successful completion of a NAACLS accredited hospital internship. (Generalist with work experience in hospital Clinical Laboratory is desired).

Work experience in a hospital clinical laboratory is desired.


Under direct supervision of technical director and section manager; also may receive instruction from pathologists, technologists, and technicians and section managers.

Has daily working contact with laboratory staff, nursing personnel, inpatients and outpatients, and physicians.


Cares for patients in the age category(s) checked below:

Neonatal (birth-1 mo) Young adult (18 yr-25 yrs)

Infant (1 mo-1 yr) Adult (26 yrs-54 yrs)

Early childhood (1 yr-5 yrs) Sr. Adult (55 yrs-64 yrs)

Late childhood (6 yrs-12 yrs) Geriatric (65 yrs & above)

Adolescence (13 yrs-17 yrs) X All ages (birth & above)

No clinical contact with patients


  1. Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare

  2. Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.

  3. Promotes personal and patient safety.

  4. Has basic understanding of Relationship-Based Care (RBC) principles, meets expectations outlined in Commitment To My Co-workers, and supports RBC unit action plans.

  5. Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times.

  6. Analyzes patient samples through established laboratory procedures and techniques.

A. Develops, established, oversee and perform pre-analytical, analytical and post analytic phases of laboratory testing.

B. Observes Quality Control guidelines, recognizes need for and initiates appropriate action when required.

Activities are governed by procedural controls and recommended policy.

  1. Interpret priority of work activity in keeping with departmental goals and needs.

  2. Review patient data to correlate with critical values or other physiological states.

  3. Troubleshoot equipment when necessary and determine appropriate corrective action. Communicate with other healthcare personal regarding laboratory results, testing and protocol, etc.,.


A. Interacts and communicates effectively, professionally and respectfully with co-workers and all other contacts.

B. Prioritizes work appropriately. Continually interprets priority or work activity meeting expected turn- around-time for ER, STATS and in-patient testing.

C. Responsible for participating in the continuous quality improvement of the laboratory through review of processes.

D. Responsible for blood draws.

E. Responsible for preparing samples for send out.

F. Responsible for the cleanliness of the area.

G. Required to undertake additional responsibilities as the needs of the laboratory change.

H. Has risk for exposure to contagious diseases, hazardous chemicals, and bloodborne


I. Complies with regulations and guidelines of relevant governmental and non-governmental


J. Establishes and uses quality assurance and performance measurement to develop solutions to problems.

K. Assures validity and accuracy of laboratory data generated both within and external to the



A. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment/analyzers currently in use for Hematology, Urinalysis, and Coagulation testing:

B. Responsible for running and evaluating daily quality control procedures.

C. Review and evaluation of patient blood films.

D. Examination of body fluids including urines, joint, and spinal fluids, etc.

E. Specific or newly instituted hematologic tests.

F. Teaching Med Tech students at the bench and in lecture.

G. Administrative duties as designated by the section head.

H. Logging in and labeling reagents, rotating and ordering stock, recording QC for new lots of reagents.

I. Responsible for checking pending logs thoroughly and completely.

J. Responsible for acquiring and maintaining knowledge of procedure books including new tests added.


A. Responsible for operation, calibration, daily maintenance, and troubleshooting of the

equipment /analyzers currently in use in the Chemistry Department.

B. Responsible for running, evaluating daily quality control program, and documenting out of control situations.

C. Teaching Med Tech students at the bench and in lecture.

D. Administrative duties as designated by the section head.

E. Evaluation of new procedures or equipment.

F. Maintaining cleanliness in the area.

G. Logging in and labeling reagents, rotating and ordering stock, recording QC for new lots of reagents.

H. Responsible for checking pending logs thoroughly and completely.

I. Responsible for completing all maintenance (weekly, monthly, etc.) as indicated on posted schedule.

J. Responsible for acquiring and maintaining knowledge of procedure books including new tests added.

Blood Bank:

A. Responsible for acquiring and maintaining knowledge of procedure manuals including but is not limited to:

• Group, Type, Antibody screens

• Crossmatches

• Direct Coombs

• Processing of Blood Products

• Antibody Identification

• Antigen Typing to find compatible units

• Issuing blood components including cryo, platelets, plasma.

• Eluates

• Actively participates in Trauma Protocols.

and new tests/procedures added.

B. Responsible for operation, calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting equipment currently in use in the Blood Bank Department

C. Responsible for completing maintenance (weekly, monthly, etc.,) as indicated on posted schedule.

D. Responsible for logging in and labeling reagents/supplies, rotating stock, recording quality control.

E. Responsible for running evaluating quality control program and documentation/following up out of control situations.

F. Responsible for administrative duties as designated by Section head.

G. Responsible for evaluation of new procedures or equipment.

H. Responsible for cleanliness in work area.


A. Planting cultures.

B. Gram stain preparation and interpretation.

C. Fungus smear preparation and interpretation.

D. Acid fast stain preparation and interpretation.

E. Identification of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

F. Identification of molds to genus level.

G. Identification of yeast.

H. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

I. Performance and interpretation of quality control procedures and Quality assurance procedures.

J. Set-up and interpretation of Herpes Simplex cultures.

K. Instruction of Med Tech students.

L. Continuous quality improvement.

M. Handling of positive blood cultures.

N. Maintain knowledge of Microbiology procedure manuals including additions and changes.


Performance and interpretation of the following tests:

A. Anti-DNA

B. Antinuclear antibodies

C. Antistreptolysin titer

D. Cardiolipin antiphospholipid antibody

E. Cryoglobulin

F. Cryptococcal antigen

G. Rheumatoid factor

H. Rubella antibody

I. Rubeola antibody

J. Syphilis antibody

K. Varicella Zoster antibody

L. Daily Quality Control


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