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Cadillac, MI


Posted on June 4, 2019

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About Scientist

Job Title:
Cadillac, MI
Purpose of Position:
The Filter Technology Group designs and supports new and current filters. The Scientist will report to and support the Principal Scientist in the design of filters with current, development and research projects. 
Key Responsibilities:
  • Understand and remain abreast of the filter performance requirements specified by national and international standards for military, first responder (CBRN), and industrial filters.
  • Represent the company at research and standards meetings and with customers where appropriate
  • Manage projects related to new filter design in accordance with the company’s business plans. This includes acquiring materials for testing, designing experiments, writing laboratory work orders, reducing data from testing, analyzing data from testing, presenting data, and determining next steps.
  • Work with mechanical design engineers to optimize the physical design and construction of filters for optimum efficiency and minimum resistance.
  • Work with process engineers to optimize filling and bonding techniques.
  • Understand and remain abreast of the performance capabilities of current and emerging particulate and gas filter media.
  • Specify test methods and equipment for filter development and production quality assurance.
  • Support current filters. This includes analyzing results from current filter tests, making recommendations to Respiratory Value Stream, and participating in 8D’s.
  • Perform laboratory tasks, acquire samples, and perform analytical tests using proper analytical methods and various laboratory instrumentation, neutralize reagents and waste, perform physical tests (i.e. dust emission, particle size distribution, moisture content, breathing resistance), and gas testing of powder material and filters.
  • Learn all applicable laboratory quality control procedures and policies.
  • Demonstrate professional communication through verbal and written reports on test data generated including charts and graphs as necessary to effectively communicate the information.
  • Work with various toxic chemicals and gases, solvents, acids, and bases complying with SDS requirements for safe handling.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Background & Skill:
  • B.S. degree or equivalent in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related field
  • Proficient in common MS Office software (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to work in a self-directed environment.
  • Internal – Team members, functional heads, QA department, Engineering (Design and Process), Sales and Marketing
  • External – Suppliers, Customers, Research and Testing Facilities

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