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Creamy Wild Leek Pesto Pasta

Kristin Celeste Shroeger, aka The Intentional Minimalist bases her recipes on her weekly CSA box of produce from Northern Michigan’s Nine Bean Rows farm.


  • fresh wild leeks farm fresh organic garlic scapes
  • farm fresh organic sun dried tomatoes
  • organic kalamata olives
  • local goat cheese
  • local bacon
  • wild leek & swiss chard pesto (recipe link)
  • local gluten-free egg noodles 1 teaspoon organic wild leek infused olive oil (see ingredients/recipe below)
  • Wild Ramp Oil
  • organic wild ramps organic olive oil
  • sea salt


Directions for Wild Ramp Oil

Wash and cut whites off of wild ramps.  slice ramp greens into one quarter inch pieces. add greens into jar and toss in a few pinches of sea salt.  cover greens with olive oil. cover jar with a tight lid and chill in refrigerator for seven to ten days.  strain oil into jar and reserve greens.

Optional: add a bit more olive oil to the greens, toss in some toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese, sea salt and pepper and blend into a quick pesto.

Directions for Pasta Slice one cup sun dried tomatoes. Bring water to a boil with one teaspoon oil, toss in pasta and tomatoes, cook pasta al dente, drain (reserving one cup pasta water) and set pasta aside in colander. Remove wild leek greens from eight leeks and mince leek whites. Add one half teaspoon oil to warm pan with two strips bacon per serving and leek whites, cook until bacon is crisp and set aside. Add one half cup pesto to one half cup goat cheese to pasta pan with two tablespoons pasta water, stir and add additional pasta water until desired consistency. Slice three olives in half per serving, chop leek greens into bite size pieces and mince garlic scapes. Add pasta to sauce, toss and stir in leek greens. Plate pasta, break bacon into large bite size pieces and top with garlic scapes.