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Mustard Green Millet Frittata & Wild Leek Guacamole

Northern Michigan Recipe: The Intentional Minimalist combines a variety of fresh ingredients to create a delicious combination of fluffy frittata and wild leek guacamole! Check out her blog for more recipes.


  • 9 Bean Rows mustard greens 9 Bean Rows wild leeks
  • 9 Bean Rows garlic scapes
  • 9 Bean Rows asparagus
  • 9 Bean Rows eggs
  • Leelanau Cheese fromage blanc
  • Green onion infused olive oil (recipe link)
  • Wild Leek Guacamole (recipe link)
  • Millet mixture (recipe link)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Chop six stalks of asparagus and eight leek whites. Add one teaspoon oil to warm pan and sauté leek whites and asparagus for a few minutes. Remove mustard green leaves from stems, and tear one cup into bite size pieces. Chop leek greens into bite size pieces. Whisk six eggs with one half cup fromage blanc cheese and one cup of millet mixture (or plain cooked millet). Stir egg mixture to pan with asparagus and let eggs cook for a few minutes until the bottom and sides begin to set then transfer to oven for fifteen minutes. Test frittata center with fork to confirm the center is cooked, then remove to cool and set up for five minutes before serving. Mince two tablespoons of garlic scapes. Serve with wild leek guacamole and minced garlic scapes.