Traverse City Group to Publish Super Bowl Commemorative Book

MyNorth News Service

(Press Release provided by JKR Ventures)

TRAVERSE CITY: The Super Bowl will reach a milestone on February 7, 2016 with the observance of its fiftieth game. Plans have already begun in Santa Clara, California, the host city, to celebrate this “Golden Jubilee”.

Traverse City publishing group JKR Ventures announced an August 1 publication date for their book, Super Bowl 50: Celebrating Fifty Years of America’s Greatest Game. Jerry Jenkins, founder and CEO of the publishing services firm Jenkins Group, and colleagues Brett Karis and Pete Racine are investment partners for the publication.

“I’ve seen a fair number of Super Bowl books over the years, and most of them were written for the football enthusiast,” shares Jenkins. “Not many images, too many statistics, and somewhat bland design and content. We wanted to create a book that not only covers the games, but also captures the cultural celebration that the Super Bowl has become.”

They tapped national sports writer Bethany Bradsher of North Carolina to author the book. A self-described football fanatic who has authored five sports books and covered the Carolina Panthers, Bradsher was a perfect fit to help bring the vision to life.

JKR partnered with local marketing communications agency Greenlight Marketing to create the book layout and design. Greenlight Owner and Creative Director Kevin Gillespie knew the task would be challenging, but rewarding. “We typically collaborate with clients who need marketing assistance – advertising, websites, print collateral, and the like,” he states. “But this was a once-in-a-lifetime project, and our entire team of designers and project managers were on board.”

Super Bowl 50: Celebrating Fifty Years of America’s Greatest Game is a full-color 344 page book packed with photos and highlighting the games, players and coaches, as well as the diverse activities and fun beyond the gridiron. Story headlines like “The Clydesdales,” “Super Bowl Party Food,” “Media Frenzy,” and “The Evolution of Halftime” illustrate how this book showcases elements of the Super Bowl to which even non-sports fans gravitate.

“What I first envisioned was a book not just for a sports nut, but for every person who watches the Super Bowl for the halftime shows, commercials, and the ceremony of it all,” said Jenkins.

With over 500 images, “Fun Facts”, a multipage timeline of all 50 halftime acts, and even a salute to the beloved Detroit Lions (a no-show at the Super Bowl, if you’ve been keeping track), the book content will stand out against any other of its kind on bookshelves. The first edition is slated to be printed in early May with multiple print runs throughout the year.

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